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SVPartners Commercial Risk Outlook Report March 2019

Risk graphs

SVPartners, specialist accountants & advisors, have release their regular report analysing industries and regions in Australia which they predict will face financial distress.

(Click here to see the report)

New Zealand 15 March 2019 - when words elude us

NZ silver fern prayer

(Pat Campbell The Canberra Times artist 18 March 2019)

Woman sadWith the shocking news of the conviction of George Pell -

It is important that victims of trauma look after themselves

See article by Kim Feimingham

Chair of Clinical Psychology, University of Melbourne

28 February 2019

Owner-builders & home warranty insuranceBuilding site

A home owner doing work under an owner-builder permit is not required to have insurance under the Home Building Act 1989 but contractors doing work for the owner-builder worth more than $20,000 must have insurance.

If an owner-builder decides to sell their home within seven years and six months after an owner-builder permit was issued, the contract for sale must include a warning to purchasers that an owner-builder permit was issued in relation to the property and the date it was issued.

An owner-builder still guarantees to a purchaser of their house the quality of the work they undertook. The purchaser of the property is entitled to the benefit the statutory warranties in the Home Building Act 1989 subject to the limitations set out in that legislation.

(See the Fair Trading website for further information)

Is a SMSF right for you? More tax scams & a tax survey

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) often sends out useful information via its small business newsletter (see ATO newsroom online).

Is a self-managed super fund (SMSF) right for you? (Read more)

New ATO scams and old ones continue (25,473 phone scams reported in December 2018 alone) (Read more)

Gift vouchers for doing a tax survey (Read more)Piggy bank

FarmHub launchedFarmHub poster

FarmHub kicked off on 31 January 2019 as part of the Federal government's response to drought. The site is meant to be a one-stop shop and is hosted by the National Farmer's Federation.

Keeping women safe - "Ask for Angela"Ad posters

I am told that quite a few hotels are now displaying posters for the "Ask for Angela" initiative.

"The program, which was born two years ago in England's Lincolnshire, encourages patrons to approach any staff member at participating venues and "ask for Angela" if they feel unsafe or have been put in a compromising situation. The sentence acts as a code to discreetly alert staff, who then escort the affected person to safety or contact authorities for further assistance." (In by Amanda Valmorbida and Julia Wallace)

Not everyone supports the campaign (see article in It is a shame if such an initiative is needed. Isn't it the responsibility of all of us to ensure each other are safe?