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DP O’Keefe Macquarie Law is a legal office in Dubbo NSW Australia.

Dan O’Keefe is an experienced solicitor, accredited business law specialist, mediator and notary public.

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We are OPEN & propose to remain open & available as much as possible

Some of the legal services we provide are essential. For instance, sales and purchases still need to go ahead.

We follow recommended health protocols. Please telephone or email us first if you have any concerns.

We need to behave and think differently in these extraordinary times. While maintaining social distance and good hygiene we try to stay connected, reach out to those isolated and work together as a community.

Tomorrow is Australia Day and the theme for 2021 is 'Reflect. Respect. Celebrate.'

YouTube clip"Australia has a wonderfully rich and diverse population and heritage. Our country is home to the oldest continuous culture on earth with a history reaching back beyond 60,000 years. I think that is something about which all Australians can and should be immensely proud. So too I think we should all be proud of our rich migrant heritage and our cohesive society. These are things to honour, respect and celebrate."

(Juliana Warner, President, the Law Society of NSW)

(2017 Australia Day Lamb Ad Video on YouTube)

Small business insolvency reformsLiquidation sale sign

In 2020 liquidations were down 80%. That sounds good but there is a concern that liquidations could jump up in 2021 when Covid-19 relief measures run out.

The Federal government has introduced legislation to help small business survive the economic impact of Covid-19. A new debt restructing process will be available for companies with liabilities less than $1m. There are other requirements to be met also. Details are not available as yet to determine if it will be the process will be simpler as is intended.

(Federal government fact sheet)

(Article by Darren Vardy of SV Partners 19 January 2021)

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