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Hannah GadsbyWe need to pull up our socks - Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

Now on Netflix, this is not the routine standup comedy. It challenges us with viewpoints to behave with more understanding.

Hannah Gadsby contrasts humour with courageous self-revelation. Watching this one-hour video is time well spent. It is moving and powerful.

To litigate or not to litigate - that is the question?Barristers

This not the question posed by Hamlet but recently by Bob Deutsch, Senior Tax Counsel Tax Institute. The article concerned tax litigation but included a number of comments that are applicable to all litigation:

"It never ceases to amaze me how many people appear to be ready, willing, and able to litigate complex commercial matters before a court or tribunal."

"In my experience, taxpayers are poor at assessing the evidence available to them to sustain an argument that they are likely to put to a tribunal or court. Mere assertions are not evidence. Evidence will often require hard documents to sustain an argument. The onus will ordinarily sit with the taxpayer ..."

"Suing ... sounds glamorous but after a few days in a hearing room being quizzed by lawyers the glamour starts to wear off."

"There is nothing wrong with litigating where one has a reasonable chance of success. However, this should be done on the basis of a full and complete understanding of the risks associated with running the litigation ... Sometimes, a regotiated settlement through conciliation is a preferable course. Apart from the problems with litigation ... the sheer stress and strain that it imposes should not be overlooked."

(To litigate or not to litigate - that is the question! by Bob Deutsch Tax Institute TaxVine 20 July 2018)


Teacher awarded six-figure payout after being bullied by school principal

(See Sydney Morning Herald article by Pallavi Singhal 20 September 2017)

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